Reishi mushroom extracts

We offer three products from Reishi. All three products are made only from Duanwood Red Reishi. It is the most effective Reishi variety with a high content of active substances such as tritrepene polysaccharides. Duanwood Red Reishi is grown in the mountainous areas of China in the traditional way for 12 months on long wooden trunks. The quality of such a Reishi is the same as that of wild Reishi mushrooms.

Duanwood Red Reishi Extract
The extract prepared by multi-stage extraction contains over 40% polysaccharides and 4% triterpenoids, thus ensuring high product efficiency. Suitable as a basic Reishi therapy. To enhance the effectiveness, it is advisable to combine with Reishi spore powder.

Spore powder from Duanwood Red Reishi
100% spore powder from a 12-month-old mushroom. Spore powder is the essence of Reishi, thanks to which the fungus multiplies. This is the most valuable part of Ganoderma - for 1 kg of mushrooms, about 1 kg of spores is obtained. The spore powder is mechanically disintegrated to 98.7% in the cold and contains polysaccharides, adenosine, triterpenoids and proteins. It is super-nourished and should be combined with Reishi extract.

Triterpen Max
Duanwood Red Reishi extract with a high concentration of triterpenoids. 5 times higher content of triterpenoids than the standard extract. It contains more than 20% triterpenoids. Suitable as a supplement to the basic extract or spore powder from Reishi for support in more serious diagnoses.

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