Metabolism harmonizers

Chitosan and Fenuprim are metabolic harmonizers that help improve its functioning.

Contains special technology modified chitosan. Chitosan is a chemically non-absorbable polysaccharide made from chitin. The sources of chitin for obtaining chitosan are shells of crabs, crayfish and mussels, as well as mushrooms and insect rafters. Chitosan is a fiber. Thanks to its unique mechanism, it already absorbs fat in the stomach, so the body no longer absorbs it, but excretes it out of the body with the help of stool.
It also helps with digestive disorders. However, it is mainly used as a supportive agent in reducing overweight. It has no caloric value, improves the activity of the large intestine and helps to remove other residual substances from the body.

It is a product with a unique composition of synergistically acting five natural substances that act to control blood sugar levels, which has been proven to help shape the body. In addition, it has a number of other positive effects on the human body. This promotes health and beauty, has a comprehensive effect on the whole organism, which effectively harmonizes.

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