Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - Recipes

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) special prescription is a unique healing system that has been used for almost 5,000 years. Part of TCM is physiotherapy, in which special herbal decoctions prepared individually according to the client's health condition are used for treatment. Treatment is always comprehensive and focuses on eliminating the cause of the disease, not just on the disappearance of their symptoms.

TCM special recipes
It looks at man as an integral part of nature, so all its laws are reflected even within man. Human health is then affected by disease, which is a pathological imbalance and inconsistency of activity between organs.

TCM is a way to restore health
Its roots can be found in records older than 3000 years. We offer two products assembled on the basis of TCM knowledge - BETAGLUKAN MaxCell and HE SHOU WU - Power Balancer.

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